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Online Tutorial General Notes

Posted by ascultradio on September 20, 2009

General Notes :

  • This is an Fedora Core 6 Starter Guide. It is not associated with Fedora and RedHat, inc.
  • Guide is tested on a default “Personal computer” installation of the Fedora Core 6 with default packages.
  • If you see a bluish box, this means you have to execute the commands in Terminal mode (Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal) or use the content of that box as mentioned in some other instructions.
  • To reduce typo mistakes, copy and paste the commands into Terminal mode (right click on the commands -> “Copy” or “Paste”. You can also use Ctrl+C to copy and Shift+Insert to paste it)

Note: You must run these commands as root. Before you get to do anything you must type

su –

And enter your root password.


Hope this guide will help you !

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