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Windows 7 Networking Do You Want to Know About it?

Posted by ascultradio on November 18, 2009

Windows 7 Networking Do You Want to Know About it? :

In the coming weeks we will start writing a long series of articles about networking in Windows 7. We will try to be as complete as possible so that you can use these articles to answer all your questions about this topic. In order to make sure we don’t miss out on anything important we would like to get your feedback. Please take a look on the things we plan to talk about and add your opinions and suggestions. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Windows 7 Networking – Planned Topics

After some initial tests and analysis, we decided that we would like to talk about the following:

  • Network and Sharing Center – an overview of all the available options;
  • HomeGroups – understand what is a homegroup and how to work with one;
  • Sharing files and folders – how to share files, folders, partitions, printers and other devices, how to configure your file sharing settings, offline files, how to enable or disable files sharing, how to share different things over different networks, etc;
  • Troubleshoot network problems – understand what is the status of your network connection and how to fix problems with it using Windows Network Diagnostic and other tools;
  • Wireless Networks – how to connect to all types of wireless networks;
  • Bluetooth connections – how to connect via Bluetooth to different devices;
  • Mapping Network Drives – how to map drives to shared folders from your network;
  • Networking Tips – share any interesting tips we discover while writing the series;
  • Best Practices – what to do in order to be safe while connecting to different types of networks;
  • Windows 7 vs Windows Vista – a comparison on how networking has improved versus Windows Vista;

The articles will be published in no particular order. We will start with one of these topics, elaborate on it and publish several articles to cover as much as possible from all there is to know about that topic.

What Would You Like Us To Investigate For You?

We want your to comments on this series. Do share with us: things we did not cover in our plan, cool ideas for an article, common networking problems you are aware of, etc. We will be reading all of your comments and all cool ideas & suggestions will be taken into consideration when writing this series. Type your comments!

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